How make the display window no overlap the text editor window?

Hi, there. I had this excruciating problem :wink: I want to see both windows at the same time when coding. Each time I run a sketch I must move the display window to see the text editor window.
I know that people work without this annoing problem.
What I must do?

Hadeel Alharthi say me :"… On to the screen dilemma; this is the weirdest thing because, before the latest update, I had the same issue. I found a solution recently where you can apply this line of code:

surface.setLocation(x, y)

in the setup function to position the preview screen where you want. After the new update, the issue ceased to persist without using the setLocation() method. My preview screen stays where I position it when I first run my sketch. Check Processing’s reference page for more methods you can use with the surface object."

Hadeel Alharthi

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