How can I translate this to javascript? I have tried several times but it confuses me

Write a method that prompts the user for 3 different integers and
display on the screen on a single line, separated by commas. If one of the
values is repeated, show only the repeated value.

  • Use prompt() or createInput() w/ some message to prompt the user to enter the 3 numbers.
  • Then apply trim() followed by split() so it becomes an array.
  • Force the array to have at max 3 number entries using min() like this:
    array.length = min(3, array.length);
  • After that apply int() to remove any fractional parts from them.

I didn’t get this requirement part. Do you mean having unique values only?

If that’s so you can create a Set passing your array to it:

Then use the spread ... syntax to convert it back to array: array = [ Set(array) ];

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