How can I restart the program with keypress

Got it, I’ll test it out in a couple hours

yes, but maybe the visualization is not as you want (no decimals) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s okay as long as the timer resets it is okay.
Do the red fireballs spawn when the timer reset?

Ohh, yes, the fireballs spawns and have just tried once again and when I win, the win screen pop up, but then, to start a new game I couldn’t clicking enter, had to click “q”.

Oh yes, that is a mistake on my part. Thank you very much for letting me know, I test it out in a bit

IT WORKS. Thank you so much.

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One simple way of approaching restart-timing is to rerun your setup each time you restart, and maintain a global variable with the last time you restarted. This lets you compute either the total run time (millis) or the current runtime (restart-millis).

Processing always runs setup on frame 0 – so one way to rerun it (and reset frameCount at the same time) is to set the frameCount to -1.

 * Restart Frame 0
 * 2019-11 Processing 3.4 
 * Press key to restart -- setup() runs again on the following frame.
 * Sketch demonstrates computing a custom millis based on last restart.

int start;
color bgcolor;
int level = 0;

void setup() {
  start = millis();
  bgcolor = color(random(255), random(255), random(255));
  level = level + 1;

int reMillis() {
  return millis()-start;

void draw() {
  text(level, 20, 20);
  text(frameCount, 20, 40);
  text(reMillis(), 20, 60);
  text(millis(), 20, 85);

void keyReleased() {
  frameCount = -1;

Note that this behavior isn’t officially documented in the reference – but it has been a part of Processing for a very long time.

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