How can i load image files in processing without crashing the build

i have a processing sketch that loads svgfiles with the loadShape function from a folder within the source folder called graphics. when i build it as an executable app, i have to remove all the loadShape calls and references to them or else the app won’t even open. if i manually add the graphics folder to the source folder within the app, it actually will open the sketch window but will immediately freeze. what is the proper way to use svgs in processing? should i not be putting them into a subfolder?

In the data folder


i don’t have a folder called data. should i make one? what do you mean by this

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That’s what I mean


are you saying i should make a folder called data and put the images in that. could i put the whole ‘graphics’ folder in it or do they have to be directly in there

oh nice that actually worked. i have never encountered this problem before, thanks

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