Helping students with their homework

Hi @glv
Thanks for this feedback.

Could you please try cutting and pasting that link again? I just tried, and it worked fine – just as it did when I first created it.

Still, if you are having a problem, clearly newcomers may have a problem as well – this is not to discount your feedback.

I’ve found a way to shorten the links to numbers only – that might make them a bit easier to work with:

Right now there is no way to embed “clickable” links into new posts without making them visible – text in the editor is text. If they are clickable once posted they will also show up in the preview window (if it isn’t covered by a warning), but they won’t be in the editor window (e.g. the mobile editor without preview). We hope that newcomers will delete the template, but I’m worried about them spamming the same tip text 1000 times all over the forum. Any suggestions about that?

I suppose a post could come with a visible header.

[homework policy](/t/5#homework) * [asking questions](/t/2147) * please format code with </> button
<!-- You may delete this before posting. -->

Which will display in preview (and will be posted, if they don’t delete it) like this:

I suppose a post could come with a visible header.

homework policy * asking questions * please format code with </> button.

However those links now won’t be cut-pasteable from the editor – they will have to see them in preview in order to click them…