Help with void receive

I wanted to use my laptop to work on some processing sketches that I had on my desktop PC.
Laptop Environment: WINDOWS 10 with PROCESSING 3.3.7, static IP
Desktop Environment: WINDOWS 7 with PROCESSING 3.3.3, another static IP
I have an ARDUINO UNO microcontroller transmitting a byte buffer to Ethernet every second and the PC receiving these buffers and printing byte number 3 of the received packets (which includes a counter). Obviously, in the ARDUINO sketch, I write the right IP according to the PC that is connected.
this works fine with the desktop, But with the laptop,using the same code, no data received.
Would appreciate any idea to solve the problem.


Here is the PROCESSING sketch:

Processing UDP example to receive byte data buffers from ARDUINO.
Arduino is sending a buffer of 262 bytes every second.
Data is received and displayed using this sketch on PC.


UDP udp;  // define the UDP object

void setup() {
  udp = new UDP( this, 5678 );  // create a new datagram, port 5678 
 //udp.log( true );         // <-- printout the connection activity
 udp.listen( true );           // and wait for incoming message

void draw()   {

void receive( byte[] data )     {          //default handler


You need to edit your post and format your code.

Have you ttried talking between your PC and your laptop?

Have you tried using another port? Like 12000?

If it works with your PC, then it should work with your laptop. Do you get any errors?


When I run the Processing sketch on the laptop, no data is received, no message printed on the console.
I also tried different ports, with no success.
I replaced the ARDUINO sketch with a sketch on another PC, a desktop PC: when laptop sends to desktop, works fine, but when PC sends to laptop, no data received on laptop.
One interesting comment. : If I add to the sketch, (within draw() ), the following code which just sends a byte buffer from PROCESSING to ARDUINO, then the laptop does receive the data transmitted by ARDUINO. I have no explanation to this.

String ip= "";       // the remote IP address
int port= 5678;                         // the destination port
byte BUFFER_LENTGH=20;   // Initialize the Sending Buffer length 
byte[] TXBUF=new byte[BUFFER_LENGTH];
for (byte i=0;i<BUFFER_LENGTH;i++)     {
udp.send(TXBUF, ip, port ); 


Thanks for any idea


After waiting so long for an answer, this morning, I run the application again. To my surprise, it worked. The only potential explanation I have is that one of the last updates of WINDOWS 10 related to the network configuration has resolved the issue.
Thanks to any one who tried to help.