Help with if statements

Hello, I was hoping to get step-by-step help to get this homework assignment done. My teacher is asking the class to have the processing code print out odds numbers between 100 to 200 that can not be divided by 3. From what I understand int i should be 100 and i <= should be 200. If not please correct me if I am wrong. I do understand && but I am not sure if I have to input I with a modulus or something different. I really appreciate the feedback, understanding, and help.

for(int i= 100; i<=200; i++)
if( && )
print(i +" ");

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Can you share what you have tried so far?

How would you determine if a number is divisible by 2 or by 3 without a remainder?
Thinks this through and it does not have to be code yet.


Sounds like a good idea