Help with following code

I’m hoping anyone here could help me with this code.

String[] gameIntro;
void setup() {
size(800, 600);
String[] save = loadStrings(“save1.txt”);
gameIntro = save[0];
void draw() {
if (gameIntro == 0) { // I need it to be able to read this

KittyCatGamer123. :wink:

Which part of this is giving you trouble?

Please read this guide:

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Concerning your problem, on this line: if (gameIntro == 0) you are trying to compare an integer value with a string variable. You can’t do that . You first need to convert your string into an integer.

You can actually check out this subject on how to convert a string into an integer: Covert String to Integer

Still no luck. Thanks for the </> sign though

Please be more specific. Did you read the guide I posted above?

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