Help with calling the parent file

Hi, currently trying to make meme soundboard, and I’m trying to create a array of the sound classes whilst using the processing sound library. So my question for any good samaritan willing to plead for my cause is how can I call the main file as a parent
the sketch is called : memes

class sounds {
  SoundFile meme;

  void find(String name) {
meme = new SoundFile(this, name + ".mp3");

so this gives me an error because of the “this” which would mean the parent is the class which is impossible looking for an mp3 inside of a class. So how can I call the main file (sketch named memes).

Might be a silly question but I please do answer :smiley:

EDIT : NP I FOUND THE ANSWER WOOHOO, the syntax for the mainfile was : memes.this or NameOfYourSketch.this
lets get it

You can also pass your sketch into the find() function:

class Sounds {
  SoundFile meme;

  void find(PApplet sketch, String name) {
    meme = new SoundFile(sketch, name + ".mp3");

Or you could pass it into the Sounds constructor and store it as a reference.