Help using Processing with Matlab

I have a program in Matlab that processes video and returns certain variables that pertain to that video. My goal is to have these variables be processed in Processing in order to create some cool visuals. Anyone have any idea on how to establish the connection between Processing and Matlab?

You can send udp packets from matlab and catch them in Processing. There is a bit of effort to set it up, assuming matlab allows to stream packets. I would say the processing side is ready to go and there should be some posts in the forum about it.

What is the data streaming rate from matlab?


I would like to send about 100 kb/sec. But the data streaming rate is subject to change dramatically. Are there any good libraries you could recommend to get me started on the UDP packets for processing?

I don’t know what you mean with “change dramatically”. I suggest you check the library and source code of oscP5 library as it uses udp. You can also check the udp library that Shiffman has in his site.