Help to make opensource repository

Please excuse my horrible English.

One year ago I tried to submit one of my processing for android apps to F-Droid, but it was rejected because I used precompiled libraries. I was asked to add references to maven versions of the libraries.

I have no experience in .gradle and similar tools, so I don’t have a clear idea on how to add the core processing library (and its dependencies) to my project. Also, I think there are no maven compilings of Ketai, which is the photographic library I’m used to.

I am interested in adding maven references to these two gits:

It doesn’t matter if you want me to add you as developer, of if someone implements this as a fork of my project. I just want to give these apps to people without google play store.
Thanks in advance.

Why don´t you just use the specific java files you need of the ketai lib directly in your code without importing?

I don’t know wich specific java files from ketai do I need. And ketai has its own dependencies, also.

I don’t see any import/dependency that would trigger a restriction on Play Store with the file.
Their main concern is the violation of their user data policy regarding ‘Personal and Sensitive Information’. Since you are not using face detection, you could leave out any text related to this.
I also would try to export to the Play Store directly from the APDE app, instead of using scripts as you did. I’ve tested both apps, and they work fine on my devices. I find them really nice and interesting, so I think it’s worth it to try again to upload them to the store because I’m afraid that distributing them on this forum has a very limited range.

Edit: Sorry, I only now noticed that you referred to F-droid. But nevertheless, you could try it this way.

Hi, Noel,

I don’t have any problem to publish in Google’s Play Store. My app is in Google Play, indeed.

But I want to publish in F-droid, an open source market that does not allow including compiled (jar) libraries.

F-droid is specifically useful to support phones orphaned by Google Play (old android versions, modified android codebases, and so on).

José G.

So why don’t you use the ketai file like I suggested? Or is it also Processing’s core lib that isn’t allowed?


I think I should include all the files from ketai, but also three libraries required by it. The good thing is all three libraries are in maven. The bad part is ketai is compiled using eclipse, and I don’t know how to merge an eclipse-style library such as ketai with my gradle-style project.

You know, the main problem is I know how to code small programs, but I have a limited experience in build chain systems such as make, gradle and so on.

Also, I have limited experience in Git. I know I could use Git subprojects, but I think I would need to fork the library to do so.

Yours, José.

I don’t understand why you think so. Only the file I linked above is enough. Or you could write your own camera access code.