Help running PeerJS 'Hello World' example (in Web Editor)

I’m struggling to get the following example of p5js/PeerJS up and running:

I open the same page in 2 different windows and launch the first one as-is, including:

let peer = new Peer(‘cc2’);
conn = peer.connect(‘cc1’);

In the second window, I launch the same app but with the two key lines changed to:

let peer = new Peer(‘cc1’); // diff peer
conn = peer.connect(‘cc2’); // connect back to first app

I had it working a few days ago, but apparently not remembering it accurately (thank you covid!) When working, both apps display 2 ellipses, one ellipse from the app you’re in, the other ellipse mirroring the other app.

Thanks for any help!

Well, my bad, running perfectly today exactly as described. Maybe something with peer server? Sorry for the spin!