Hand tracking with RealSense


I’m working on a project that involves hand tracking with a RealSense D435 camera. I’d like to implement it in Processing because it’s easier for the person who will take over once my internship ends. Is there a good (working and up-to-date) library that could help me do the hand tracking part (or skeleton tracking part if there’s nothing for hand tracking)? I thought about SimpleOpenNI but it’s Kinect-specific. OpenCV for Processing provides interesting examples but I don’t know how to make them work with the camera image instead of a picture.

(Btw I’m rather new to Processing and programming/coding is definitely not my strong suit so at this point I’d take any advise on what I should do)

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Chrou – good luck with your project!

When working with specialty hardware it helps to first check out other discussions (e.g. of the D435) to see who else on the forum is familiar with it, and what resources work with it.


It looks like you found a key RealSense discussion already, but I’ll just leave a link to it here for others:

Hi @jeremydouglass! Thank you for the encouragement!
I checked the other topics before posting and ended up posting since I didn’t find any clear answer to my question, hoping someone would react here. Thanks for your help!

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