Gyro/Accelerometer noise in VR?


Hello everyone!

I’ve been really loving the VR in android mode, its really easy to use! However, I’m developing a little app and I noticed that when the phone is completely still, everything slowly moves/rotates to the left.

Initially I thought it was my code, but upon rotating the phone, the movement/rotation was inverted and started going to the right (the app kept upright since it was in VR mode). This led me to think that perhaps the gyro/accelerometer readings are somewhat noisy and hence are causing this movement.

Could this be the reason? Does anyone know how I could add some sort of filter so it doesn’t affect my app? I’m currently using a Nexus 5 phone, I don’t know if that changes anything.

Thanks a lot in advance!


could it be due to the magetic precession of the Earth magnetic field due to Earth’s rotation?

Interesting observation! Could you just do a rate-based counter rotation?

Best wishes for cracking this nut!


Thanks for the reply!

I thought about this at first but the drift is so fast that I doubt that could be the cause.

This might be the easiest approach, since I believe filtering the gyro/accelerometer data coming into the app would not be easy at all. Do you have any idea on how I could figure out the rate of the rotation in order to apply it to a counter rotation?