Acceleration and processing 3.0

Hello everyone I’m trying to figure out how to get the processing ide to understand when my sensors sees acceleration in 1 m/s to the left on the x axis that is moves left in processing I have the roll pitch and yaw I have 9 DOF but I just want the sensor to move across the xyz axis instead of just rotating I want both honestly but my acceleration is already set to do it in arduino

Keep in mind that negative numbers are left and positive are right in the x axis and y would be forwards is positive and backwards is negative


This is a good article:Using Accelerometers to Estimate Position and Velocity |
It may link to something useful.

I did dabble with this a few years back and got movement (translation) using accelerometer data.

I do not have any code to share.

1 m/s is velocity.


See thats what I was thinking I think they coded acceleration to be velocity buy called acceleration I have been trying to get velocity with my acceleration but have been haveing trouble the math is right but I don’t have an error bias to sample the read 200 times and get the estimated velocity but when I saw that it’s already reading like that if I tilt it on the x axis and run it across a level plain the accel reads +1.8 or -2.0 was my fastest readings by hand in a short burst I could post the code and the monitor read if you think you could tell me more about that aspect