GSoC proposal for android Migrating core library to AndroidX

hello everyone,
I am posting my proposal for GSoC or android Migrating core library to AndroidX. in this proposal I have planned to perform more than just one task of migrating to AndroidX, I will also be migrating the codebase to use kotlin and add 2 more language translations to the processing-android tutorial page. a little backstory. I initially wanted to work with kotlin-native/ kotlin-multiplatform migration task, but due to my comparatively weak understanding of the iOS platform, I have to decided to concentrate on the task where I am really good at. but if needed, with the right guidance and little learning I believe I can work with the “Support for Kotlin Native” task.

this is my proposal. I hope everyone could provide their feedback and guidance in this task.
@jeremydouglass @saberkhan I noticed that there is no mentor assigned to the task as of now, It would be great if you could help me with this.