GSOC 2019: SVG support for p5js


I’d like to implement SVG support for p5js.

I understand some of the history and realise that not all the capabilities of p5js are easily possible in SVG - and indeed, there are many that shouldn’t be attempted.

However - basic coverage would be very valuable to many people.

The existing library that a Google Search finds is apparently abounded and several of us have problems making it work.

I would like to be sponsored/supported to

  • do some initial research into how SVG should be implemented, to better understand the options
  • implement basic SVG support - the easy 20% that will be useful to the 80%
  • write up what I did so others can benefit from the research and explanations of how to upstream code

I am not sure if I am eligible for GSOC as I am not a student - I’m much older!

PS I am the author of simple.js which is popular with new and young coders and adopted by openprocessing. I’m pleased to see some of the ideas like circle() and sqaure() make their way into p5js:

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If you are exciting about working on this, you are more than welcome to join the community and we would be happy to support you!

However, if you are not an enrolled studenty then you are not eligible for the GSOC program as per their FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers

  • You must be at least 18 years of age when you register
  • You must currently be a full or part-time student (or have been accepted and committed to the fall term) at an accredited university as of the date accepted student proposals are announced
  • You must be eligible to work in the country you will reside in during the program
  • You have not already been accepted as a Student in GSoC more than once
  • You must reside in a country that is not currently embargoed by the United States. See Program Rules for more information.

Thanks Jeremy - is there financial support available, similar to the GSOC stipend?

Not that I am aware of, although you should contact the Foundation directly – I only volunteer on the forum.

There is an annual Fellowships program, so you could work on a proposal for that:

Those tend to be more than features or libraries, though – they tend to be projects, with missions and audiences. You can see past fellowships for examples.

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