GSoC 2019: International Improvements

My name is Renata Dima and I’m an Interaction Designer studying at the national College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland.
I’m really excited to participate for the first time in GSoC’19 and learn as much as I can from the process.

Recently I have been exploring and learning about Linux system administration, programming languages as well as web development with headless API’s and frameworks.
Besides this, my interaction with C++, HTML5, CSS3, javascript, Python
has been through Bare Conductive, Arduino projects, Web Design ,
Robotics competitions and coding sessions during my school and student years.

I have looked through the ideas list and the issue of Internationalizing the
website caught my eye. I would like to contribute with p5.js-website tranlations
by adding support for the following languages :

As well as work on the existing website content translations in Spanish.

I have previous experience in translating in these languages, projects to do with JSON objects and YML files.

I have already forked and am looking through the p5.js-website repository to familiarise myself with the codebase and
the requirements for the project I would like to propose .
Would love some feedback on this idea so I can start start expanding and improving on it for community.


@An0u I am a mechanical engineering student at VIT Vellore in India. This is my first gsoc just like you.I would like to work with you on some of the projectsif you are willing to collaborate.

I would also like to collaborate for Internationalization

If that’s possible, absolutely. The more the merrier.

We need to ask first about if and how group collaboration would work. Also, can I ask which languages you would like to add translations for? Just so we don’t overlap.


My first language is Hindi so I can help with that.

@An0u Sorry for the late reply. I would like to add translations for French and German. I think we could collaborate on adding French or even some other languages. I think that’s a great way as work could be divided between us . Let me know what you think about it.