Gray or blank screen when export :(

Hi, when i export my sketch the result is a gray or blank screen but when i am processing the sketch, this works, can someone help me please?
Thank you for reading.

I am using Windows 8 with 64 bits and Processing 3.5.3

This worked for me on W10 64bit:

void setup()

void draw()
background(255, 255, 0);

Try it and let us know what results are.


There are multiple issues that can cause this, you will need to post your code if you want us to help you pinpoint your specific issue…

I found my problem and are when i have a PFont or PImage :frowning:, when i delethe the pfont and pimage the sketch exporting don’t have problems, and i don’t know how fix this having a pfonts or pimages :confused:

Are you able to run/export the Example PFont/PImage sketches from the PDE example sketchbook menu?