Google Season of Docs

Is there anyone who got a selection or a rejection mail for Google Season of Docs?
It’s way past the deadline, and I am yet to recieve any mail. I tried reaching out to mentors, no response from them either.
Is there any way to find out whether I have been selected or not?
Atleast send a rejection mail if the participant isn’t selected. I am getting really anxious, someone please help


Even I am waiting for the same, It would be good if able to give a status update on selection.


I know your frustration but they are all volunteers so you should be patient - if you don’t get replies I guess you assume you didn’t get it - but always you can contribute to the projects regardless of the framework


I understand. They could let us know about the rejection atleast. Well, let’s hope for the best


I was curious and looked to the website…

I found this:
Season of Docs 2021 Program Rules  |  Google Developers

Timeline for Season of Docs 2021  |  Google Developers

And this:
Season of Docs  |  Google Developers

It was some dry reading material to go along with my morning coffee.


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In their twitter they announced very informally a selected person

the selected project in GSoD:

However the original call for applications mentioned 2 technical writers so no idea… i found another Processing related project:

Hi!. The post is for GSOC and not for GSOD. Thanks!


Ohhh you’re right! so we really don’t know anything yet i guess. :confused:

I think now they have mailed us. Thanks