Can u please provide me the contact of mentor

hey @saberkhan , can u please tell me how can u approach mentor Sharon De La Cruz? i have been trying to reach her but now finding any way for it…

Hi @rinkydevi, I suggest posting your project proposal here in case another mentor is available to review it—though we are getting close to the deadline, so I can’t guarantee that someone will be able to review it before then.

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Hi Kate, I have two related questions,

  1. Can I still post the proposal after the deadline?
  2. Should I post it on GSOC’s official website or here in the processing foundation?

Thank you!!

Hi @Zoe, I’m sorry, I do not believe we can accept late proposals. The selection process is conducted through a website that Google runs for all GSoC programs. If you can’t submit through the GSoC site, we probably won’t be able to add it, either.