Getting amplitude values from a SoundFile (processing.sound)

Hi !
I’ve been playing around with the Sound library for a bit to make a simple music visualizer, but I can’t seem to get the amp values for specific points in the music to make a nice timeline.

Here’s how I defined all the stuff I believe to be necessary for this:

SoundFile music;
Amplitude amp;
float[] ampValues;

void setup()
  size(512, 512);

  music = new SoundFile(this, "gohma-forward.mp3");
  amp = new Amplitude(this);
  ampValues = new float[width];


And here’s the setAmpValues() function supposed to put all the amp values taken at regular intervals into the ampValues[] array which doesn’t seem to work:

void setAmpValues()
  for(int i = 0; i < ampValues.length; i++)
    music.jump(map(i, 0, width, 0, music.duration()));
    ampValues[i] = amp.analyze();

Thanks for taking a look at my problem :slight_smile:

P.S: does anyone know why processing is kinda weird with how it handles code highlighting ? In the play() isn’t highlighted, but in music.stop() the stop() is highlighted…

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-a- the editor can highlight lots of words from the basic processing language,
and add also some JAVA defaults.
-b- and sometimes there is a bug because one is forgotten…

but what you talk here is the highlighting of methods of a external library…
no, as far i know there is no way that a added library can modify the
highlighting of the editor ( load add words to the word list / even make it depending on if a external lib is imported … )

so if that is not the case, what is it here?
stop() is a known method of a other tool or JAVA
( i think here the internal serial library ( also clear() works ))
processing-3.5.3\modes\java\keywords.txt line 288

play() is no known default command.

so when you make libraries or just own classes
you write methods ( functions ) for it,
and there might be a naming convention?? ?not too detailed?
so you can avoid or choose known words…
in a class
MyCircle{} you can make a
void draw(){}
function. ( and it will be BLUE when you call onecircle.draw(); )
if you choose to call that
void show(){}
(; it will be black )

besides that sound lib is not loaded by default ( i call it external ),
but when it is loaded ( by contribution manager )
it appears in the internal libraries list. also confusing.