Gesture recognition

Hi, there is way to recognize gesture ?
I would like to know when the mouse make lines, infinite, circle (his speed and direction : clockwise or not), …
There is a old library but doesn’t work with current processing.

Is your goal for this to work with Processing 3 (Java)?

Is your final goal the mouse, or are you hoping to later do gesture through webcam / Kinect / LeapMotion / etc.?

By “infinite” gesture do you mean: ∞ ?

By the old library,do you mean ezGestures?

I’m not sure, honestly – one approach would be to use a standard Java gesture library and pass it mouse events. Another other would be to update the old ezGestures library – or just write your own by studying the code

Hi @matheplica,

For gesture analysis you might be interested by Wekinator. I don’t know if it works with the mouse input but it is probably worth trying.


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Great solution. It looks like, for Wekinator, DTW_Mouse_Explorer is a 2D mouse gesture system that already has a pre-made recording app for training, and then for recovering the trained data from Wekinator.

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Thanks, actually I have already try wekinator but I’m working with Sonic-Pi and P5
with ps3eye on raspberry and with wekinator it’s a little bit cpu demanding.
I look to source but it’s a very big project. I will try the source of ezGesture.
Thanks for the tips.

Ok, I was to optimistic the source is also wide and complicated.
There is a way to make it compatible with current Processing version ?