I am planning to create a new android gesture Api

Currently, the most used gesture api for android is ketaigesture. This api solved the basic android gesture requirements.
However, there are problems like some functions will falsely call multiple times (ontap for example), using with standard touchstarted(), touchmoved(), touchended() have some levels of delay(not synchronised) which really caused some issues.

I will update this post when I have some progress.


I have some progress now.
All the gestures are based on standard touchstarted(), touchmoved(), touchended(), no need to override surfaceTouchEvent() like ketaigesture.
Currently working gestures includes onTap, onLongpressed, onDrag, onPinch.
These gestures will be detected precisely.
After some further tests, I will publish a beta version.


Hi @technew – thanks so much for sharing what you found. Were you able to make any progress on this? Do you have any follow-up questions for the forum?