Gamecontrolplus Slider Value

Working with XBox controller and noticed the slider output maxes at about a third of the movement range of the stick no matter what I put in the multiplier/tolerance. Is this the incompatibility with newer devices that is talked about on @quark page or am I missing something here.


Have you tried using your XBox controller with the gamepad example that comes with the library?

The hardware interface software was created many years ago by someone else and I don’t have the means or experience to get that up to date. So that could be the problem but I have no idea.

FYI I just tried my old XBox wired controller and it was not even detected.

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Yes. I used the configurator to create my initial file and noticed the lack of full range. My guess from testing is its a bit depth issue. ie, Expecting 12bit number but getting a 14+bit number from the controller would produce the results I’m seeing but I haven’t looked under the hood. I’ll keep tinkering. Library still works good, just going to be very touchy controls, lol.

Thanks for the quick response!