G4P examples not readable

Hi folks,

This post is related to G4P example, but also to lots of similar problems due to java script.

Almost all web browsers deny the use of java script. I ,normally use Firefox, but I also tried IE, Edge, Chrome…
So it is impossible to load the examples.
Is there a solution??
I know this could not be the right plce, but…

Thank in advance.


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Can you post a small sample code showing what you are trying to do? As far as I know, G4P is meant to be used in Processing Java but you are taking about javascript. They are two different things.


Hi kfrajer,

I’m speaking of the G4P samples, provided in G4P web pages.
I cannot read the example program, because there is a warning in my browser(s) saying that javascript is not accepted for security reasons… which is confirmed on Java web page.

So I was wondering how to find a way to read these example.

Hope to be clear enough!

Sorry not Java script but Java plug-in is not accepted.

Great, thx for clarifying. Share the link so other people could confirm having the same issue. What OS and browser plz?


Here W7 and Firefox, IE or Avast Secure Browser.

But at home I have W10 and FFox, and this is exacly the same problem.

I believe that the G4P showcase:


is Java (not JavaScript – different language) and was created during an earlier era when Java plugins for the browser were common. Now Java plugins are rare – instead, contemporary browsers use JavaScript. So you will get an error like this:

Java Plug-in is not supported by this browser.

That is expected.

Instead, explore the G4P example sketches from the PDE Examples menu. Just understand that they won’t run online! G4P is for Processing (Java). If you want to write Processing for the web, use p5.js or Processing.js instead, however I believe that G4P does not work with these.

OK thanks .

This works, and now I have to understand all these!!