G4P Droplist - Can it open UP?

OK here’s a little bit of a weird one, but I want to use a droplist at the bottom of the app window. But it drops DOWN only, so options are not visible.

I can’t find a property to set it to open “upwards” instead of downwards…

Is this even possible?

Thanks kindly,


When I created this control I never imagined it opening upwards after all the hint is in the name droplist :grinning: and I was mirroring similar controls at the time.

Effectively you need a GUpList control and I am not sure how much work would be involved so can’t promise anything soon or even ever at the moment.

Sorry I can’t offer more help on this at the moment. :slightly_frowning_face:


No worries kind sir! It was just a question. I can make do!

I also think weird requests like this are useful because they show how ppl use things. For example many drop lists at the bottom of screens open upwards.

But that does not necessitate a thing further from you!

If someone wants to do fancy things like that, they can spend 10 years learning how to program and then extend or rewrite the library for it.

Thank you again Peter :slight_smile: