G4P changing the default text of DropList Button

Is there a way we could customize the content of the DropList Button ?
Today it seems to be fixed to “:”
Ideally I would like to write here an arrow down sign🢓
Also, an other suggestions :slight_smile:

  • why not increase the clickable zone to the whole width of the drop instead of only the button ?

Thank you for having developed this already very useful library.
& have a good day


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I will answer the last question first -

The button used to show the droplist is a standard GButton so it only responds to the mouse click when the mouse pointer is over it. Making it respond to the whole width would be contary to the spirit of the GButton control.

I have just checked and the answer is no. The reason being that I wanted to keep the button size small relative to the control width.

Glad you like G4P :grin:

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