G4P Builder - Not Running in Windows 10

I am trying to run the G4P Builder program G4PTool.jar in W10, but it does not launch correctly.
I tried to run in from the CMD window but I am getting the following error message "G4PTool’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file."

Any suggestions?

Can you confirm that examples from the G4P library works in your case? This would be my starting point.

I just ran the G4P builder and I did not have any issues on my Win10 machine, P3.4 and G4P v4.1.5. Maybe try removing and adding the tool again. Can you add what Processing version are you using? Also what is your version of your G4P library (you can look it up in the Contribution manager) and your java version (open a cmd prompt and type java -version).


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GUI Builder is a tool for the Processing and has to be launched within the Processing IDE. It will not run from the command line.