FTP: create new text file & save fileContent

Hi everyone,

Is it possible creating a new text file (which contains some string) on the fly then save it to FTP server with Processing?

string fileContent = "test 12345 test 12345 test 12345 test 12345";
char fileName = "test.txt";

fileContent from sensor data on Arduino ESP8266 which doesn’t have SD Card module attached to it.

Is it possible directly write a new text file (including fileContent) to FTP server with Processing?

How to do it?

I am not real programmer, just copy paste programmer.

Hoping someone with better knowledge than me would reply, guide me please.

Thanks for the helpers! :slight_smile:

I remember seeing an old example that uses FTPClient:

but you can also do an FTP mount at the OS level, or call an FTP command line with exec() – there are a lot of options.

Other old discussions: