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Hello, i’m working with the Fisica library by Ricard Marxer. There were no problems until we started using classes and objects to make the code look more understandable. The problem seems to be in the world.step function, that gives me this error:
“AssertionError: Too many pairs (16384 shape AABB overlaps) - this usually means you have too many bodies, or you need to increase Settings.maxPairs.”

Here is a part of my code:

import fisica.*; // IMPORTAMOS LIBRERIA  

FWorld mundo;  // DECLARAMOS MUNDO

ladrillos_1n l1n;

void setup() {
  Fisica.init( this ); 
  mundo = new FWorld(); 
  size( 800, 800 );

  mundo.setGravity(0, 1000); // ASIGNAMOS GRAVEDAD
  mundo.setGrabbable(false); // OBJETOS NO CLICKEABLES

  l1n= new ladrillos_1n();

void draw() {

  l1n.dibujarLadrillos_1n(200, 350, 600, 350);

class ladrillos_1n {
  float posX1_, posY1_, posX2_, posY2_;

  ladrillos_1n() {
    posX1_= 0;
    posY1_= 0;
    posX2_= 0;
    posY2_= 0;

  void dibujarLadrillos_1n(float posX1_, float posY1_, float posX2_, float posY2_) {
    FBox ladrillo1 = new FBox( 70, 15 );  
    ladrillo1.setPosition( posX1_, posY1_ );
    ladrillo1.setStatic( true );
    mundo.add( ladrillo1 );

    FBox ladrillo2 = new FBox( 70, 15 );  
    ladrillo2.setPosition( posX2_, posY2_ );
    mundo.add( ladrillo2 );

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Main page for this library:

To clarify, the problem is in the draw function: mundo.step();?

Also, please avoid this: l1n The reason: It is hard to tell if the first letter is uppercase i or lowercase l. Just use another better name. Always avoid ambiguity when naming your objects, classes, functions, etc…

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