Finding pixels inside a shape

Hi all ,
I have a ‘bouncing ball’ , of sorts . If you have followed Dan Shiffmans’ tutorials you must have encountered one. I want to show the underlying captured video only within the bouncing ball, like a spotlight.
I am attaching a pic showing the video and the circle .
Any hints into which direction to explore would be great.
Thanks Jonathan

Have you tried the mask() function ?

Thanks jb4X -
I am using p5.js - does not seem to have a mask .
If it did (or does and I missed it) : how would you go about it ? I think I need an image with the circle white and the rest black (masking part - right ?) and then move the image rather than the circle? Am I in the right direction?
Thanks again , Jonathan.

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Ho sorry,

I didn’t see that you posted in the P5.js section.
I’m working with processing and assume that everyone is :confused:

Anyway, the link that GoToLoop posted is the equivalent in P5.

For the rest you are on the right track I think :slight_smile:

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