Finding info about add-on tools?

I have just discovered the amazing, gorgeous add-on tool ‘Perceptual color picker’ and have added it and have been happily blundering my way around it. However I can’t find any help or reference for it. There seems to be some help type stuff in the files enclosed but there seems to be no route to them when I’m in the tool, and when I click on them directly via the file explorer window from within Processing… nothing happens. There is a tiny bit explanation on the web site for the tool but that’s not linked from anywhere within the tool itself. Let me know if you need further info/screenshots and I will supply but it’s hard to screenshot what I don’t see… :wink:


Sorry if I am being daft, but what are you asking? Where to find some information about how to use it or how it works or something else?

These things you mention as alternatives seem similar to me. So I guess the answer is ‘yes’.

I think maybe it isn’t behaving as designed in that there seems to be no info about it that I can access. But maybe there is no info… or maybe I just have not figured out how to access it.

I found this, which explains the difference between a normal color selector and one like this one.
I think you are supposed to use the color picker to pick colors and color combinations that. It is adapted so that it bases the colors off what the eye sees, not the values a computer would use.
You’re right, there doesn’t seem to be much documentation but try experimenting and seeing what different color combinations you can make.

I assume you have got it installed and working?

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Yes, thanks. It’s nice to have a perceptually uniform colour space to play in. Some of the controls are a bit mysterious, but that adds to the fun.