Find the color of a pixel relative to a new origin after translating and rotating?

After translating and rotating and attempting to use get(0,0) to find the color value of the point at the NEW origin, I am simply returned the value of the very top left pixel, regardless of these transformations and rotations. I believe this is due to the fact that get() references the pixel[] array? Anyways, is there any way to return the color value of a pixel relative to a translated and rotated matrix?

you would probably hav to calculate the new position of that pixel. Translation ist just +/- in x/y direction and for the rotation use sin and cos.

Which renderer are you using? If you use P3D it is possible to get the actual position by using modelX/Y/Z(..).

translate(15, 20);
translate(0, 10);

PVector pos = new PVector(modelX(0, 0, 0), modelY(0, 0, 0));
println("2D Position: " + pos);

will output:

2D Position: [ 10.0, 28.660248, 0.0 ]