Final Project - financial illustration imported from excel value table

Hello, I am beginning a final project for my intro CS class.

My goal is to create a program in processing that can take a monthly budget spreadsheet from excel and illustrate it as a multitude of charts. I’d like to hear any other simple ideas you all have for a final project.

Just an idea let me know what you all think, I am a complete beginner so assume I know nothing and we have not had to code very much at all.

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Hi @DanielProwess,

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

When you have an assignment, try to break it in small problems you need to solve:

  • How do I “take” a spreadsheet in Processing? Is there a way to import / read a spreadsheet file? What are the spreadsheet file formats out there?

  • Which charts am I going to need? How to display a simple bar chart? What other types of charts? And then if I want to animate them? How to make them so I can reuse my code without needing to copy it all over the place (programmers hate to repeat code :wink: )

Then searching on the forum / internet for those topics will guide you. Of course you can post your progress / questions here :innocent: