Export PDF on child PApplet

I’m writing a program with a GUI (ControlP5) in which the parent PApplet contains the textfields with parameters and a button to export to PDF. I want the child PApplet to contain all of the drawn information and export it to PDF. This PDF will contain the cutting drawing for a laser machine.

So far i’ve tried following the example on MultipleWIndows and with the svg/pdf library to export like this

class ChildApplet extends PApplet{
  GridMaker griddifier = new GridMaker();
  private float wsh_od, wsh_id, wsh_gap, wsh_sl, tub_id, tub_l, comp;
  private Integer _making;
  public ChildApplet(Float od, Float id, Float gap, Float sl, Float tubid, Float tubl, Float lacomp, Integer wmaking){
    PApplet.runSketch(new String[]{this.getClass().getName()}, this);
    wsh_od = od;
    wsh_id = id;
    wsh_gap = gap;
    wsh_sl = sl;
    tub_id = tubid;
    tub_l = tubl;
    comp = lacomp;
    _making = wmaking;
  public void settings(){
  public void setup(){
    surface.setTitle("Child sketch");
    griddifier.setupGrid(this, wsh_od, wsh_id, wsh_gap, wsh_sl, tub_id, tub_l, comp, .5, 60, _making, false, 0, 0);
    beginRecord(SVG, "filename.svg");
  public void draw(){

It runs and it draws the pattern on the child applet but no file is generated.
i’ve also tried this.beginRecord() and this.endRecord() as well.

griddifier is an object for a custom class that handles the drawing part of the script