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Hello everyone
I’m working on a simple Processing project in Python but I can’t find a way to export the animation to .gif. Is there a way to do it?
Thank you

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You could save each frame and then use some other tool to convert them into 1 GIF:

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Of course, of course. What I was interested in was being able to make a gif directly, just as you can in p5js.
Having to make a sequence of images and then convert it to a gif is more cumbersome

Function saveGif() is a exclusive p5*js API feature.

But if you’re on P3, there’s this library we can install from “Contribution Manager” called GifAnimation, which has a GifMaker class:

Once installed, I believe it can be imported on Python Mode like this:

from gifAnimation import GifMaker

Maybe the explicit from gifAnimation import GifMaker isn’t needed, just add_library('gifAnimation') would be enough.

You can also try out PyScript + p5*js if somehow GifAnimation doesn’t work for you:

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I will investigate what you tell me. Thanks for the information!

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