Error output to vim

Hi! I’m just beginning with p5.js and I’m trying to setup a “IDE” using Vim. So far I’ve a local host but I’m having trouble with redirecting error messages from the consoles to vim or even to a local file. Is there a way to save stderr to a local file or print it somewhere? As it is the code just don’t work if there is a mistake.

If it helps, here’s how I’m doing things: For any new .js file Vim creates a index.html containing the basic code in the get-started tutorial with the adjusted name of the .js file, and binds a key to open Firefox with file://… or create a local http server with node.js.



the Firefox / Web Developer / Web Console
can call with


no idea if a export of the content is possible.

error and debug info
( your

print("something happened"); 

) will end up there.

sure can use like saveStrings
to file.


Thanks! That helps a lot.

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