Editing ketai library

I have been using the Ketai library and in particular the motionEvents. they work fine but every time i touch the screen i get “motionEvent called inside kgesture
KGesture got a MotionEvent!” printed to the terminal. this is unnecessary and is making debugging harder as it clogs the terminal. is the only way to sort this out by editing the library? thanks.

Hi gonadgranny,

As you can see in the source code, there is no way to not trigger the message eccept by editing the source code.

thanks for this jb4x. would this require downloading the source code, editing it and rebuilding it?

I need to write at least 20 characters but the answer is yes.

ok thanks. is this a straight forward affair? would you be able to point me towards a guide? if its plastered all over the internet then dont worry i will research myself.

I have absolutely no idea. From what I could have read or heard it can be quite tricky. There is probably someone here in the forum that knows exectly how to do it.

seems strange that one has to go to such lengths just to edit a library. in the arduino IDE for example you can simply read all of the library files and edit them as they are written in plain text…

Try it then, I might be wrong.
I’m interested in the result!