Easycam and gui

I am trying to go a bit deeper into coding and would like to have easycam and a gui working together at the same time. I used easycam and P5gui, but thea seem to block each other.
I would like to have the functionality of easycam - seeing and moving the objects in 3D and of a nice gui being in a moveable extra box or window and able to change some variables without changing the code.
There is a working example at:

My intention is “playing” around with some values in the code to see the effects and simultanosly have a better gui layout.
(In processing i had success with easycam and controlP5, but it seems in general and for sharing code its better continue learning coding in P5.js??? )

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Hello Madse,

first thing for 3D + gui is the HUD (head-up-display)

see p5.EasyCam/examples/HeadUpDisplay at master · freshfork/p5.EasyCam · GitHub

Hey, and welcome to the forum!

Great to have you here!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I will try tomorrow. its nothing for to start with in the editor. I am curious how easy the values from a slider will be passed into. Madse

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Hi Chrisir, i managed to find out how i can bring to working on processing IDE and VSCode, but dealing with the index.html and css is too heavy for me. I prefer the coding part like the examples from Dan Shiffman…
Well it is early evening, i will try again.

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Well, so sorry, i postet the wrong link. This is the right one:

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