PeasyCam library - take more control

Hey all :slight_smile:
I use PeasyCam quite a lot, and I think many of you do too.
It’s perfect for getting that immediate 3D camera, with minimum code.
But when i dug a little deeper in the library docs I found some great features
which of course I never used.
Some of them are more advanced like ViewPorts to get multiple points of views etc…
but I wanted to post here just the small things I took away from it
that I think should be default when using this great library.

(here’s a link to the library docs )

bound the min and max distances so you don’t zoom in/out too much:


Control the sensitivity of the zoom action. The default is way too sensitive.


Last one is very cool too,
Add a HUD that allows you to display 2D stuff on top of the rotatable 3D view.
Perfect for UI and debugging
Use it in draw()


...  draw something




Forever in grace are all of us. A keeper of the PeasyCam.


I just passed by this topic, and there is another GREAT feature of Peasycam: when you find a camera angle you like, save it with Camera state = camera.getState(), and later you can jump back to it with camera.setState(state, delay). And to finish it off there is the option to smooth the jump by adding a delay.

Also, after many failed attemps, i finally got Peasycam working with keys, so you can move around with WASD. I still need to cleanup the code a bit but if someone is interested, PM me.


Leaving this here for the future: Peasycam + keyboard keys = FPV Cam :smiley:

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