Drawing with code

Hi! so I found this artists page full of drawings with code and I love it so much, though I dont know how to do that so if anybody has any recommendations on tutorials or introduction to this kind of processing coding that’d be great

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yes it is nice what is all possible,
but prior to a graphic tutorial you should concentrate on the coding basics,
( sorry i looked at your first shared code again )
starting with mini examples from the reference like
a for loop or
any form of the arrays prepared for processing

later can start with more complex ( graphic ) examples

all you can call up directly from the processing IDE ( now 3.5.3 )
/ Help / or / File / menu

esp. the examples allow a fast checkout
regarding code and run…
much faster as with any video tutorial.

only then can start with a own graphic project
and i not want to hold you back, but expect that any nice picture you showed above / see
is a project of a week or so, and might never look exactly same, if you ever get it running.

yes, be prepared for some failures too!