Does P5 uses WebGL in its 2D context as well?

I am currently looking for some cool graphics library and so far P5 really seems the ideal one to me, but WebGL is my selling point. I’ve looked into Babylon and Pixi too, and they do the job, but still, P5 feels right.

My intention is to use P5 as a renderer for a simple and personal 2D game engine. My only last question is if P5 uses WebGL also in its 2D context, and if so, would you recommend it to work as a renderer for such a project? The engine is not the best, not even good possibly, but I still want it to be friendly, trustworthy and powerful.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I made a little research and found that when creating a canvas I may set its context as WebGL, so my question now is mainly focused on whether working with P5 as a renderer to a game engine is feasible or not, but I cannot see why not, either way I have no experience with P5, so any feedback is still appreciated.