Display objects in their original size [SOLVED]

Hey there! I have programmed an P3D Simulation and need to display some objects in the size I have initialized them so they appear to stay the same size even if I move my camera away from them. I think there is somewhere a hint() for that but I can not find it. It would be great if you could help me!

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Sounds like you mean a orthogonal (orthographic) projection?

But that will affect how everything looks, not just some objects.

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In Peasycam look at beginHUD()

Or see 9 in this list

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Thank you raron and Chrisir for your reply!
Sadly ortho() isn’t working in my sketch because every rotation of my camera gets ignored and a everything else is based on this rotation.
And the hint(DISABLE_DEPTH_TEST) is the basis of my UI and does not work with the objects.

I’ve solved the problem by scaling the objects with scale() depending on the distance between camera and object. So this problem is solved. :smile: