Digital port of an algorithm I use to make analogue paintings

Hello I’m primarily a painter, but have an interest in processing. I’m chugguing away learning it from Daniel Shiffman’s Learning Processing.

Here is an example of what some of my paintings look like .


and here’s a link to my code and what it makes. The code is heavily annotated to help me work out what I need the code to do.


Always a good idea to annotate the code - surprising how short a time it takes to forget why you did something.

I like the paintings it produces. :smiley:

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Great stuff!

Your painting brings to mind one of my favorite artists, one of the pioneers of abstraction Frantisek Kupka (who arguably preceded Kandinsky in producing the first non-representational fine-art paintings).

What you’re seeking to do seems to align with my own expressive goals. I look forward to seeing more stuff from you!