Device events doesn't work anymore

Hi there,

I started yesterday to develop a game for iOS and had to realize that it isn’t possible anymore to use the mobile orientations like accelerationX, rotateX or deviceoriention: . I made a little research and realized, that with iOS12 Apple changed the way to access this kind of informtion from inside the browser. So I changed Safari’s Privacy & Security settings, but it didn’t help. I restarted Safari and nothing happend.

Does anyone has any idea on this?

Thanks in advance

PS: I played a little more and finally, I got this warning: The deviceorientation event is deprecated on insecure origins and will be removed in M76, around July 2019. Event handlers can still be registered but are no longer invoked since M74, around April 2019. See for more details.

PPS: Ah, okay I solved it. I moved it to my https-space and it worked on my iPhone, but not on my MacBook: