Detect audio of computer and send info to Arduino


I´m new with processing, I work with arduino 8 years and now I need processing for a Project

The project are very simple…

I need detect the audio of the computer and when the computer have sound activate a relay at the arduino

I read about the minim library, but I was lost…

Any idea? When the computer are playing audio the relay activate.

Thanks so much

Lost is a good place to start finding your way.

Check out some of the tutorials:

Processing can talk to Arduino with serial communication:

Check out the examples that come with Processing.

When you add a library to processing there are also examples added.


actually i think that is the difficult part,

as long you use processing and its libraries ( sound / minim / beads … )
to produce “noise” you can know that it is active / or louder as a limit … )

but your question could be
how can processing know if " the computer " plays sound,
for that you would need to be able to read back the system-sound amplitude??

Doing an FFT on system audio currently playing with Minim - Processing Forum like here?

Thanks so much for the info, I´ll work it, and when I have results…reply

Sorry for the delay but I´m out, holidays :stuck_out_tongue: