Debayering images from cameras

I’ve got to cameras from “Imaging Source”.
I’ve just resolved the problem of connection but i receive raw images and need to Debayer it but don’t know how to do that…

I’ have also a problem with the video Library… cf. image attached.

Any advice is welcome.
Thanks a lot.

Hi again @animalfrommars,

Can you please post the logs in the console as a text block using the </> button when editing a message? (you can also put ``` around the text)

You can find more information on algorithms for demosaicing a raw input image:

Maybe there’s already a library that does that but I don’t know much about it…

Hello Joseph,

Finally I bought two USB cameras (Mac/PC/Linux): SVPRO 4K Ultra HD USB Webcam and everything works.
For the moment I continue to code on my Mac because I do not master Linux enough.

two video streams 1 blue and 1 white mapped on fragments

Thanks for everything !

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