Cuda programming on processing

Hi… basically i am trying to use “CUDA” on processing. is there any “cuda” library/documentation for processing?
i have seen discussion on forum and it’s not working.

my GPU : GTX 1070
OS : windows 10


What do you mean is not working? What resources are you using for your attempt? On a side note, I am curious how are you planning to use Processing with CUDA. Could you elaborate please? If I were you, my first effort would be to find available current java-Cuda resources. If you get those resources working, you could bring them to Processing. Also, have you tried contacting the owner of the libraries that you are trying to use? Maybe they can provide you some feedback on the code status.


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I see your past discussion link is from 2011. Here is a more recent one – from 2013!

Although I’m not familiar with CUDA, I agree with kfrajer that more details about what you are trying to do and how you are stuck would be helpful.