Creative Machines 2 exhibition (London)

Hi everyone,

a new show is coming up at Goldsmiths hosting works on the theme of computational creativity / generative art.

The exhibition shows works by selected artists linked to Goldsmiths and artists from the CYLAND MediaArtLab based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Developed in association with the Youth Education Center at the State Hermitage and The Leonardo Journal, the works shown include Virtual Reality Installations, Sculptures, Computer Art Installations, Video Art Installations and Machine Learning Art.


Marina Alekseeva, Memo Akten, Laura Dekker, Alexandra Dementieva, Jake Elwes, Anna Frants, Alexey Grachev, Sergey Komarov, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Sergey Katran, Parashkev Nachev, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Annie Tadne, Nye Thompson, William Latham, Stephen Todd, Lance Putnam, Guido Salimbeni, Peter Todd, Andy Lomas and Brigitta Zics


Here’s the website featuring all the works:

Here’s the eventbrite link for the private view on the 7th of Nov. Make sure you book!

Location: The church